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2009 Screenings & Awards
Indie Express Review
"A classic tale of hope and goodness... The six minute animated short tackles adoption, blended families and nature vs. nurture. It demonstrates that nothing is more powerful than unconditional love. "

Kim Jindra, Indie Express, Online

Palm Springs Review
"Funny, poignant, sweet and gentle with animation that's marvelously amusing and involving. After watching "The Mouse that Soared," my only criticism was that I wanted more."

Norman Mark, Desert Entertainer, Palm Springs, CA.
former movie critic, NBC-TV, Chicago.

Seattle Weekly Review
"Wordless, as any short film about animals should be, Kyle Bell's The Mouse That Soared is an absolute charmer..."

Brian Miller, Seattle Weekly, Seattle, WA.

Shawn Levy, Film Critic
"The Mouse That Soared" wins Best Animation. Well deserved."

Shawn Levy
, Film Critic, The Oregonian, Portland, OR.

The Independent Critic
"He overcomes adversity and becomes a wildly popular circus act in this beautifully assembled and entertaining animated short from director Kyle Bell. Flashing back through various points in his life, 'The Mouse That Soared' features delightful visual effects and a beautifully layered production design from Frederick J. Gardner III accompanied by a spirited sound design from David C. Hughes that makes one feel like P.T. Barnum himself is in the room."

Richard Propes, The Independent Critic, Online

Ben Wright, Film Review
"The animation itself is gorgeous and unique... The jokes range from slapstick to macabre, satisfying both the child and cynic in everyone, and the film itself succeeds, both as a comedy piece and a heartwarming story about acceptance and identity."

Ben Wright, Film Review, SCAD District.com, Savannah, GA.

The Clog, News & Culture
"Combining humor and warmth, this animated delight centers on two birds who try to teach a baby rodent how to fly."

Matt Brunson , The Clog, News & Culture, Online

The Nugget News, Online
"The computer-animated tale of a flying circus mouse and its humble origins near an Oregon sawmill was a unanimous crowd favorite."

Jeff Spry , The Nugget News, Online

CgChannel.com, Online
"Wed, 18 Nov 2009 Be sure to check out this amazing trailer for 'the Mouse that Soared.' This 3D animated short might be playing in an animated film festival near you."

CG Channel Inc. , CgChannel.com, Online

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